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let me alone 让我一个人 leave me alone 留下我一个人 LET的语气比较强烈,比如说生气了就会对身边的就会说let leave的语气比较淡,比如说很伤心的时候想自己静一静,就会对身边的人说leave 【说了这么久 感觉像废话】

leave me alone [英][li:v mi: əˈləun][美][liv mi əˈlon] 别管我,不要打扰我; 例句: 1. And hope that they would leave me alone. 希望他们可以让我一个人呆着。 2. Can't you just leave me alone? 你就不能离我远点?

leave alone 不打扰;不干涉;不管;不理 [网络短语] leave alone 不打扰,听其自然,不管 Leave Me Alone 阿孖有难,别管我,走开 Never Leave You Alone 生死不离,我们在一起

Let me lonely Don't care of me You go, and leave me by myself

don't leave me alone 不要留下我一个人 例句: 1. Please. L'm begging you. Don't leave me alone. 求求你.我求你了.别把我一个人丢下.

leave me alone:让我自己呆会儿(好好想想,别来烦我) 希望你满意!

leave me alone 别管我;不要打扰我;让我一个人呆会儿;阿孖有难(书名) 例句 If I say leave me alone, actually I need you more than at any time. 如果我说我想一个人静一静,其实我比任何时候都需要你。 "Prithee, friend, leave me alon...

but I want to live with you together

留下我一个人 就让我一人留着 别烦我,让我一个人呆着。当你不想被人打扰的时候使用,但是注意该词是有冒犯的意思。 别管我! 离我远点! 让我一个人呆着去!

Why do i seem to be caught up inside a dream 为什么我似被困于梦中? All my life it's always been my shadow and me 我全部生命中只有(我的)影子与我。 Over my shoulder there's always a voice somewhere 身后的某处总有一个声音 Sayin...


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