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Complain v. 1.抱怨;埋怨;发牢骚 [I,T] For my own part, I have nothing to complain of. 我这方面没有什么好抱怨的。 He complained that the exam was too hard. 他抱怨考试太难了。 2.控诉;投诉 [I,T]

抱怨做某事 Complain about doing something 说明: complain |kəmˈpleɪn| ~ (to sb) (about/of sth) to say that you are annoyed, unhappy or not satisfied about sb/sth 抱怨;埋怨;发牢骚

看到一堆复制粘贴的人 瞎说。。。。 complain to是向谁抱怨 complain about something是抱怨啥东西 如果你这里有责怪的意思 到可以用blame Dont blame anyone。 或者就用 No need to complain(anyone) anyone 可以省略

抱怨 complain; grumble; murmur at: He is a grumbler. 他是一个爱抱怨的人。 She complained that he did not work hard. 她抱怨他工作不努力。

抱怨的英语:complain;grumble;murmur at;求采纳

您好,很高兴为您解答: complain about doing sth抱怨做某事 complain sb about doing sth抱怨某人做某事 complain to sb about sth向某人抱怨某事 我抱怨他偷吃了我的点心 I complain him about stealing my desserts. 我向爸爸抱怨弟弟总是迟...

动词:complain 名词:complaints complaints 英 [kəm'pleɪnts] 美 [kəm'pleɪnts] n. 投诉;抱怨( complaint的名词复数 );诉苦;疾病

向某人抱怨(某事) 网络释义 向某人抱怨(某事):| complain to sb. about sth complain of sth to sb.


complain 英[kəmˈpleɪn] 美[kəmˈplen] vi. 抱怨,诉苦; 申诉,控诉,抗议; vt. 诉说,申诉,控告[后面常跟从句]; [例句]Miners have complained bitterly that the government did not fulfill their promises 矿工们...


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